Reduce your panic attack symptoms in 30 seconds

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack will know how incredibly scary and debilitating they can be. The feelings can build slowly or hit you completely out of the blue. They are most likely to strike when you’re in an uncomfortable situation from which you feel you can’t easily escape, like a queue, elevator, public […]

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Panic Attack Aid Press Release

Panic Attack Aid Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Panic Attack Aid provides instant relief from panic attack symptoms in your pocket (or handbag)! UK, 20 September 2010 – Today, Panic Attack Aid announced the upcoming release of it’s iPhone app. This revolutionary new application is designed to provide instant calming relief to sufferers of panic […]

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About Panic Attack Aid

Panic Attack Aid is designed to bring instant calming relief to sufferers of panic and anxiety attacks through breathing techniques, reassurance and breathing exercises.


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